Wednesday, January 23, 2008


WFMW: Sharing a meal...

Money is tight, but the need for some "alone time" with hubby is greater. Does that sound like a familiar scenario? Well, here in the Suburban household we have stumbled upon a solution: share a meal.

We choose a restaurant that serves complimentary items (salad, bread, chips and salsa, etc.) before the entree, and we look for an entree that offers a good amount of food. When we order, we simply ask for an extra plate. Some places will even split the food for you in the kitchen. Doing this accomplishes several things: a fun date, a more economical dining cheque, and the opportunity to exercise self-control in eating!

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Friday, January 18, 2008


Snow Ice Cream...

I know, I know, all you people in the frosty states who get snow all the time are probably thinking, "Gee! She just found out about this?" But give us southerners a break- snow is a BIG deal to us! And it looks like we'll be getting some more this weekend!

Actually, I have lived in a very cold climate (West Michigan), and I do know a few things about cold-weather survival. Enter snow ice cream.

This is quite easy and inexpensive to make, not to mention the cool factor (pun intended). Take your largest plastic bowl and fill it with mounds of CLEAN (can I emphasize this enough?) snow. Pour one can of sweetened condensed milk on top and stir it up. Voila! An instant treat for the kiddos!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Snow Day, Interrupted...

Bummer. It was so beautiful last night. Around 5:45 in Suburbia big, fluffy, white stuff began to fall from the sky. We happened to be at our son's wrestling match and had just started rolling up the mats and collecting gear. "SNOW!!! There's snow outside. I mean, it's snowing!!!" The funniest thing was that all the wrestlers ran outside in their singlets to confirm this!

So we headed home and played outside, frantically scraping snow together for a snowball fight. Everyone was convinced today would be a snow day. The disappointment of finding out otherwise was palpable. The kids were disappointed too. If there are any school-aged people reading this blog, lean in closely to hear what I am about to say (because we can't let this get out): TEACHERS WANT A SNOW DAY MORE THAN STUDENTS DO!!!!

And that's a fact.

But, I am thankful for God's kindness to show us here in the South another gorgeous facet of his creation.

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Monday, January 14, 2008


Don't you forget about me....

If you don't have an appreciation for 80's music, then the title will mean nothing...oh, well! Anywho, it's been a while, I know. And though I'm tempted to feel shamed for such a long absence, well, it isn't as though I haven't been doing anything, for Pete's sake!

Anniversary trip (no, NOT Asheville, but Charleston- pictures soon), holidays (and all the many gatherings that implies), readying for semester 2 of the school year, starting semester 2, etc., etc., etc.

So things got a little hairy there before Thanksgiving- as in, I didn't do a whole lot of cooking supper. I would just throw together whatever and hope it satisfied. We all felt the effects of that after a while. Now I just feel more resolved to do the normal thing and plan/prepare to cook.

And what is the Suburban household eating for supper tonight? Well, I will be serving Roma salad, roasted chicken breasts, garlic and sundried tomato couscous, and steamed green beans. Shall I set an extra place?

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