Wednesday, January 23, 2008


WFMW: Sharing a meal...

Money is tight, but the need for some "alone time" with hubby is greater. Does that sound like a familiar scenario? Well, here in the Suburban household we have stumbled upon a solution: share a meal.

We choose a restaurant that serves complimentary items (salad, bread, chips and salsa, etc.) before the entree, and we look for an entree that offers a good amount of food. When we order, we simply ask for an extra plate. Some places will even split the food for you in the kitchen. Doing this accomplishes several things: a fun date, a more economical dining cheque, and the opportunity to exercise self-control in eating!

There are more great ideas here; go. Read!


This is a great idea. Often we'll go out to eat and both order our own meals and then split them. Or I'll put half my meal in a box for tomorrow's lunch before I even start eating it. That way it makes 2 meals instead of 1.
Thanks for the great frugal tip! The point is to get away together, so however you can accomplish that on whatever your budget is good by me! Here from Rocks in My Dryer.
We've started doing this, too, and we never leave hungry! The portions in most restaurants are huge... way enough to share. Great suggestion!
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