Saturday, May 27, 2006


The skin on your feet is very thin...

"What a funny thing to say." "Wonder what made her think of that?" "Just how thin IS the skin on my feet?" You might be thinking all these things and more. Indeed, what could cause me to ponder the wonders of podiatry on this ordinary day? Well, just imagine with me for a minute...

Imagine it is a steaming, humid, typical southern weekday. Imagine that Daddy is home, since he is unemployed *******but only temporarily because HE RECEIVED A JOB OFFER THAT HE ACCEPTED******* anyway- we are imagining that Daddy is home...and he put up a new tire swing (with S-hooks and chains- a really "suuuped up" model!). Imagine that some of the kids have the idea to put the sprinkler in the vicinity of the tire swing so they could swing through it. Imagine with me still that the imaginary children are screaming with delight because this is such a great idea and doesn't that cool them off so efficiently? Now imagine that a breeze kicks up and a dark cloud passes briefly over the sun. Can you just imagine how those children might start to shiver? Well, then imagine that two of the children decide to stretch out on the driveway to get warm from the concrete. What smart imaginary children these are!!!

Meanwhile, inside the imaginary house, one might imagine that the mom decides to go to the bank before the close of the business day. Imagine that this mom comes out of the house and, upon seeing the children in the driveway, says, "I am about to back up the van. You need to get out of the driveway for minute." Imagine those two children respond quickly and cheerfully because, afterall, since we are imagining, we might as well imagine that these children ALWAYS obey the first time. But imagine that between the time this mom gets into the van that another of the children runs to "warm up" on the driveway because he didn't hear that his mom would be leaving. Imagine that mom checks her rearview and side mirrors and doesn't see anything and begins to back up.

But something doesn't feel right. Now horrifically imagine that mom hears an imaginary scream so she jerks her steering wheel to the right and slams the gear shift into "D" and then "P". Imagine this mom flies out of the van and rushes around the back to find her imaginary child screaming and holding his feet and that imaginary blood is pouring through his fingers. Imagine that Dad grabs a towel and scoops up this imaginary child and rushes off to the ER.
Is is just me or does this seem like deja vu? Thankfully, this isn't the same child we are deja vu-ing about!!
Imagine that mom washes, dries, and clothes the other three imaginary children and that an imaginary woman from their church comes over and drives them to the ER to see their son/brother.

Stay with me, please. I promise it's not much longer...Imagine mom rushes through the ER doors to the exam room where she finds her imaginary child hooked up to a morphine drip and antibiotics just. in. case. they. may. want. to. operate. Imagine this child is wheeled off to x-ray and that an imaginary orthopedic surgeon and radiologist confirm there are no broken bones. That is just the grace of God, my friends, no imagining here. Now imagine that the ER doc comes in to stitch up the gaping wounds on this child's foot, but decides that one wound is so deep there is no imaginary skin to stitch together, so we just have to let that wound heal from the inside/out. But the other wound is very deep and they must try to stitch that one closed. Now imagine that this child must be on anibiotics and narcotics for 10 days for infection/pain. Imagine, too, that the ER doc has just told a 10-year old boy that he can't walk for 3 days, except to the bathroom- and even then on crutches. That this imaginary boy can't get his foot wet for 4-6 weeks or until a heavy scab forms.

Now imagine this mom's incredible guilt. Imagine her grasping at God's grace, apprehending His mercy, and walking it out. Imagine an incredibly sensitive and forgiving son who tells this mom, "I love you, mom. I should have been paying attention. It's not your fault." Imagine this mom asking for your prayers for her son's healing. Imagine how very thankful this family is for the support of their church family during this time of need.

Can you just imagine?

Friday, May 19, 2006


Week in review...

Well, here's the rundown as it happened in the Wilkerson universe:

*President Logan is likely to get away with murder if his wife or Jack Bauer don't do something SOON!!! (No explanation needed for all you "24" fans)

*Goodbye to Elliot on American Idol- shameless, I know- and hello to (my pick as the winner) Taylor Hicks. I just love that he has made it so far. He is so....normal and everyday.

*I have sightings of tomato, thyme, cilantro,zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, green beans, carrots and two cornstalks. No appearance as of yet of my cantaloupes, peppers and onions. Not really sure what's up with that.

*I have been contacted by an honest-to-goodness television producer to possibly appear on screen for a particular program that I-don't-know-if-I-can-mention-the-name-of. WEIRD!!! I laugh every time I even entertain the possibility! Me, on television? Not so much.

*The Lord continues to provide for us, both spiritually and financially. We had a sweet time of prayer at Care Group last night and tonight Rob and I meet with a couple who will potentially be his NEW EMPLOYERS!!!!! Shout with me people! Hopefully, details will be forthcoming...

So, how's your week coming along?

Monday, May 15, 2006


Clothes, clothes everywhere and not a dress in sight...

Do y'all go retail shopping? I mean lately? Apparently, I haven't been in a long time. I mean, I have bought things for my children- shoes, socks, belts- but rarely do I buy clothes because my children are the only grandchildren on my side of the family....'nuff said!!

But I'm talking about buying clothes for myself here. I haven't done that in a long while. I have run into Goodwill to grab a pair of "casual" khaki pants or a couple of long-sleeved cotton shirts, but I haven't gone into a bonafide retail "anchor" store to buy something for myself in a loooooong time.

Well, last weekend, my mom bought me several things from a retail store- two skirts, a sleeveless sweater, a white undershirt, and three lightweight front-button sweaters. I kept the two skirts and the undershirt, but the other things just didn't "hang" right. Ya know what I mean? I liked them; they were attractive and modest, but they just felt bunchy or something. So I took them back to the store and received a sizable amount of store credit. "Yippee!" said I, "free shopping!"

I thought a new dress would be fun. So I began to look. And look. And look. I swear to y'all the only dresses in that store were bridal dresses and mother-of-the-bride dresses. Oh, don't let me forget to mention the "skirts." The store definitely had skirts. *I am using this term veeeeeery loosely* I am a 34 year-old wife and mother of 4 children. I was in the ladies department of the store- not even the juniors section. All the skirts were higher than mid-thigh, or, if they were longer, were so see-thru that I would be embarrassed to wear them. Do women my age really want to wear clothing like that? Do they seriously think they are in competition for America's Next Top Momma? (pun intended)

I realize y'all are just dying to know what I did...I went straight up to Boys 8-20 section and bought Harrison a new pair of blue jeans. Then I bought my mom a Mother's Day gift (pajamas and a bracelet). Nothing for me...maybe next season.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Leave the splinters, please...

Paul, our pastor, gave such a poignant illustration in one of his recent sermons that I just had to share with y'all. He was talking about the importance of exhorting and encouraging one another. Sometimes that involves going to another brother/sister in Christ to point out sin. But, he said, when you go to someone else to point out sin, they should be able to see the bloody splinters in your hands from where you have been wrestling with the log in your own eye. Think on that one for a minute...

Because how many times have I practically bludgeoned others with my attitude of (head-shaking 3 snaps in a Z-formation) self-righteousness? I'm shaking my head so much that I am battering the poor people around me with the beam that is protruding from my own eye!!! Instead, why don't I go humbly, bloody and sore to my sister (or brother) in Christ and gently say, "I see a small speck in your eye. Would you like for me to help you remove it?"

Now please, don't falsely believe that I write this because I've got this "down." Quite the contrary. Most of the things I write on this blog are what the Spirit has already convicted or is currently convicting me about. And there have been times where I have had to go ask forgiveness because of the way I so pharisaically pointed out someone else's sin. I mean, secretly, we hope the phylacteries we have bound to our "frontlets" (to borrow some KJV language) will cover up the telephone pole in our own eye, right? Or am I the only one who thinks that way? Hmmm, well, maybe.

So let's learn from Paul, when he wrote to the Galatians, "Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted." (6:1)

Okay, ladies, go get the ointment and the bandages ready- it's bound to get messy!

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