Saturday, March 20, 2010


What God Did....

also entitled, "Why I'm Not Mad at John Piper Anymore." Well, there's a catchy turn of phrase, right? But I can't start en medias res, because as with all good tales, this one has an interesting background.

We moved to famous-college-town, Georgia in the fall of '05. This was a purposeful move away from vocational ministry for Rob, and our family quickly settled into "non-pastor's family life" quite comfortably. God led us to an amazing group of believers who cared for and befriended us, and each month that passed seemed to make our lives a little bit richer.

While we all enjoyed our life in that place, Rob and I both felt strongly that it wouldn't be our forever home; but I honestly tried very hard to ignore that feeling. I tried so hard that I became irritated with Rob when he would share with me how challenged he felt listening to John Piper's "Wartime Mentality" sermons. Now I love listening to Piper's sermons as much as the next guy, or gal, but really. John, can't you just let me be comfortable and enjoy my life IN PEACE??? Could you lay off the we're-in-a-war-and-this-is-not-the-time-to-settle-in-kick-back-and-enjoy-life speak for just a little bit? Clearly John Piper was not set on upsetting the suburban housewife's comfortable life. But God was. And I don't mean that in a God-is-a-cosmic-KillJoy way. I just mean that I had become content to watch from the sidelines. Oh, I would certainly jump up and be the water girl every now and again, but actually get in and play? No way. I might sweat.

So God brought a young college student into our lives. He lived in not-as-famous-college-town, Georgia, and he worshipped with a group of people who were wondering if God would be calling them to start a church plant.

I should have seen the writing on the wall....


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