Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I thought this was so funny...

that I just had to share. So sad, but so true of our take-a-pill-for-everything modern times. Pay careful attention to the "fine print" at the end of the song!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Is anybody out there...

Hello? (tap, tap, tap) Testing 1-2-3. Oh, HI! You. Yes, you in the third row with the bathrobe and slippers. Thanks for continuing to visit my blog. You are such a faithful reader of this faithless blogger. I have been around, and I have been head-posting. You know what that is, right? When you start a blog post in your head, but it never quite makes it to cyber-space. At least Rob will actually go to his blogger dashboard and start the draft so that he always has several "in the hopper." (Visit his blog here.)

But as for me, I am happy to report that tomorrow is the last day of school until January 8!!! I give my last two exams in the morning and then it is el fin until "next year." We have much planned for the holiday, including rest, rest, and then some more rest. Actually, Rob has a business trip the week after Christmas, and we will be able to join him. FUN! Can you say "continental breakfast"? And "indoor swimming pool"? Hopefully there will be no repeats of our last family hotel stay (check out the July archives under "Of moonpies, chlorine, and throwup." Yes, it really was that bad). Best of all, we will be at the beach, but I'm not too sure how warm coastal Georgia will be in December. Like my kids will even care that it is winter. For cryin' out loud, Momma, it's the beach!

Ooh! Guess what? Last week Rob and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary! Muy divertido! I wanted to blog about it, but that was the beginning of the Sick Week from the Underworld in our home which included, but was not limited to, scarlet fever, viruses with raging fevers, strep throat, and nasty colds. Happily, we were able to go out to a fancyschmancy restaurant and then to Borders for some coffee and good books. To round out the romantic evening, we strolled down to Radio Shack. I know, I know, but the evening can't be all about us, ladies.

Enjoy this Christmas season. Please don't stress- that isn't what it is all about anyway. Relax. Will anyone really care if that bow isn't perfectly curled? Merry Christmas to all.

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