Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Feelin' the love...

So you all (I'm assuming) know about our Kirk: precocious, funny, heartbreakingly cute, and most of all, loving. Yesterday he proved it. I went down to his classroom during my free period. All the lights were turned off, so I guessed- correctly- that his class was on the playground. I walked down the hill and stopped just before I reached the "teacher pack" and just stood and watched. You know that funny feeling you get right between your gut and sternum? The feeling that comes when you look at something so incredibly precious and beautiful and it just hurts, but in a good way. Well, that was me yesterday. I watched Kirk run around, chasing his friends, laughing with his usual I-don't-have-a-care-in-the-world way. He saw his beloved teacher, Mrs. C (she rocks!), and he stopped and hurled himself at her leg region in a suffocating-if-it-had-been-around-the-neck kind of hug. She lovingly reached down and picked him up in order to return the gesture- only she didn't hug his legs! I walked closer and said in a mock-angry voice, "KIRK! Are you giving away all my lovin'?" He looked at me with those big, brown eyes and held his arms out to me. As he squeezed my neck and kissed me he replied, "Mom. You know I can make more whenever I sit down and get comfortable!!"

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