Thursday, January 17, 2008


Snow Day, Interrupted...

Bummer. It was so beautiful last night. Around 5:45 in Suburbia big, fluffy, white stuff began to fall from the sky. We happened to be at our son's wrestling match and had just started rolling up the mats and collecting gear. "SNOW!!! There's snow outside. I mean, it's snowing!!!" The funniest thing was that all the wrestlers ran outside in their singlets to confirm this!

So we headed home and played outside, frantically scraping snow together for a snowball fight. Everyone was convinced today would be a snow day. The disappointment of finding out otherwise was palpable. The kids were disappointed too. If there are any school-aged people reading this blog, lean in closely to hear what I am about to say (because we can't let this get out): TEACHERS WANT A SNOW DAY MORE THAN STUDENTS DO!!!!

And that's a fact.

But, I am thankful for God's kindness to show us here in the South another gorgeous facet of his creation.

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Yup. I was a prayin' but all we got was thick rain and a little hail. Although it's hard to resent the rain on a drought parched land.
What a BEAUTIFUL photo. We get more ice than snow. What I wouldn't give for a nice snow right now!
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