Friday, January 18, 2008


Snow Ice Cream...

I know, I know, all you people in the frosty states who get snow all the time are probably thinking, "Gee! She just found out about this?" But give us southerners a break- snow is a BIG deal to us! And it looks like we'll be getting some more this weekend!

Actually, I have lived in a very cold climate (West Michigan), and I do know a few things about cold-weather survival. Enter snow ice cream.

This is quite easy and inexpensive to make, not to mention the cool factor (pun intended). Take your largest plastic bowl and fill it with mounds of CLEAN (can I emphasize this enough?) snow. Pour one can of sweetened condensed milk on top and stir it up. Voila! An instant treat for the kiddos!

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Sounds like alot of fun, we just got a bunch of fresh snow last night so maybe I can find some clean stuff!
Howdy neighbor,
I somehow stumbled onto your blog-I live about 20 miles away from you in Madison County. Small, small world!

Geez, I hadn't a clue. Guess that tells I live someplace that doesn't get lots of snow. But snow ice cream sounds like fun.
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