Tuesday, September 23, 2008


And now for Part II: the spawn and a rat....

Remember our Roachityville Horror? My guess is that y'all are dying to know the continuing saga...and so I shall indulge you. To be honest, we haven't seen the first big live cockroach in our home since that dreaded Monday night two weeks ago. Did you catch the big and the live part? Carrying on...See, turns out that roach poison doesn't kill roach eggs (apparently), so now we have little cockroach spawn. The good news is they can't fly- yet. The bad news is WE STILL SEE ROACHES. My friend Susan called them, let's see if I can get this just right, "sad little orphans." Excuse me?!

Moving along.

The mouse problem I mentioned? As luck would have it, there was not a mouse. There was a rat. Two of them. The good news is they are both dead (and were before I ever laid eyes on them). The bad news is that when I did lay eyes on them they were a maggot-infested stench. Ahem.

We still love our house. Really, we do. It's quaint and quirky, complete with some crooked inside windows. And not a wall or doorway is square, level, plumb- whatever. It's ours, and it's affordable (less than affordable, actually). It just happens to carry extra tenants- temporarily.


The "poor little orphans" can be curbed with boric acid blown into the nooks and crannies of your house. You'll want to do that as quickly as you can before they become big orphans laying eggs of their own.
i made it to your blog!!! i am so proud and honored. bless you and your little orphan roaches. just wait until you find the little orphaned RATS! can you say ratatouille??? YUCK!

Susie Q
Love quaint and quirky! I'm trying to make my boring ranch quaint and quirky and am only succeeding in achieving botch and bungle!
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