Wednesday, September 03, 2008


WFMW: Help! Mice!

So this week is a "Backward" edition, and it works like this: instead of giving a tip, I want (hope) to get tips from y'all.

In a nutshell- we have a mouse. Let me interject here and say I fervently hope it is a mouse (singular) and not a RAT. At any rate, this guy is good- a little too good, if you know what I mean. He eats my tomatoes sunning on my windowsill; he eats my bananas hanging on the banana tree; he eats the mozzarella cheese RIGHT OUT OF THE TRAPS (3 of them).

Can someone pleeeeeease help? Leave a comment here with your suggestions, and then go see who else you can help today!


We had mice in our garage when we first moved in - we laid out something called First Bite which is a poison. The mice eat it, then they stay alive long enough to run away again and they die somewhere else so you don't have to deal with a mess. lol!

I don't know how practical that would be for you, since he's in your kitchen, but that works for me! Maybe put it under the sink and hope he finds it?
Baiting the traps with peanut butter always works for me! It's so sticky they have to work at it & end up triggering the trap.

Good luck!
I have heard that Bounce dryer sheets will keep them away. Place them in areas they like to go.

We used peanut butter in our traps.

You probably have more than one.
:>( So, look out.
Unfortunately, I don't have any advice for you. I need to read your comments to see what others are saying. We've had a pesky mouse too, but he's not quite as smart as yours. He hasn't gotten anything from the counters yet. For some comic relief you can always watch Mouse Hunt... now that's a smart mouse!
Set traps and do everything you can to get rid of any food that they could eat. That is the only really efficient way to get rid of them.
i put peanut butter in the mouse traps and caught 3 of them. with in 2 days. (i am hoping that was the last of them) maybe that would work???
I would add to the peanut butter tip (which is a good one), this tip: Take a large rubber maid container or something of that size and shape, and fill it about 1/3 with water. Lie a yard stick or similar across the tub longways. Place the peanut buttered trap in the center of the stick. That way, if the mouse sets off the trap without being caught, he will fall into the water and drown.
I hate to admit this, but we had mice move in to our house from the field behind us.

We didn't want to poison them to have them disappear into the walls, so we looked for other means. The major mouse trap company Victor offers this one at Home Depot:

Just use peanut butter at the back of the trap to attract them and once they enter the trap, it 'electrocutes' them. All you have to do is dump the rodent into a plastic grocery sack and put them into the trash outside. (YUCK - but what else can you do?)

I shudder to mention we have caught 5 this way in our garage. The mice wouldn't go anywhere near the 'snap traps' and they were very hard to set.

Good Luck!
I "toast" the peanut butter with a match, and this smell really attracts the mice! I caught one 5 minutes after having done this. Glue traps also work very well.
Peanut butter :)
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