Sunday, October 28, 2007


100th post...

So, this is my 100th post. It has taken me quite some time to reach this milestone, unlike some of my friends! But you can't say I didn't warn you. I just don't post everyday. I'm not that interesting, and neither is my family (though they are dearly loved).

Our Suburban family has gone through many changes in these (almost) two years. We no longer homeschool- that isn't to say we won't again- I am teaching school again, Rob has a different employer, I have a child in Middle School (gulp!), and we are closer to being debt-free.

But those are just the outward changes. Hopefully, there are things in my heart that "look" a little different than this time two years ago. When I first started blogging, we had come fresh from a war zone (figurative, not literal). We were bruised, throbbing, bandaged, and probably bleeding in some places. But God, as always, has been at work! Hurts (and hearts) have been mended; bruises, cuts, and bandages have been replaced by scar tissue. That's a good thing, I think. Scar tissue tends to be a bit more tender than other skin, and that's what I want to be: tender. I want to be tender toward those who have experienced great hurt. We live in a fallen world, so we are all bound to encounter these people- we may even BE these people. I want to share God's work in our lives and extend hope to those who are crawling off the battlefield, so to speak.

Just ramblings here, I know. But I will keep blogging and, hopefully, encouraging.

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Hurray for your 100th post! And I completely understand why you don't blog everyday. Other aspects of life are just more important. I stay up too late sometimes blogging, but if I weren't blogging, I'd stay up late doing something else--reading or scrapbooking or something. I'm a night owl, I guess.
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