Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Begin at the beginning...

Well, hello there fellow bloggers. I am unapologetically challenged in the technical realm. Having said that, I have a husband who is fantastically talented in this particular area and you can see for yourself at Miscellanies on the Gospel. Wow! This little program here automatically linked you to it! Very cool.

So, a little about me -other than my profile reading. I am a homeschooling mom- new to this endeavor, I might add- and am immensely interested in classical education. I couldn't begin to tell you if my two school-aged children are remotely classic in what they are learning. Probably not. But they are learning in spite of my feeble attempts and this is by God's grace. I have two "non-school aged" children who just sit and soak what the big guys learn- this is hilarious to me. I mean, here I am, a university-trained teacher who gets easily frustrated trying to communicate the difference between a 3-paragraph essay and a 5-paragraph essay and my toddlers are in the background chanting, "This little noun, floating around, names a person, place or thing..."

I will be honest from the outset: I probably will not post daily. I thank my husband for pointing out the dangers of being an all-day blogger. Namely- an unkempt home, unkempt children, hungry children, ignorant children, etc. While I am writing disclaimers, I should also warn that some of my posts will be stream of consciousness format. In other words, if I think of something not necessarily connected to my current train of thought, I will probably say it. After all, the whole blog-thing is like a personal journal, right? Now here is an example: check out my friend Faith's blog at Homemaker Journal. See? Not remotely connected to a thing in this paragraph!!

Seriously, though, I would like to interact with any readers that stumble upon my site. Truthfully, I want to become more Christ-like, love my husband more selflessly, love my children more tenderly, and serve others with a holy zeal.

I hope to post something edifying and coherent shortly. Signing off for now...

Hey! Welcome to the world of blogging - I look forward to reading your blog and I hope that you get lots of readers!!!
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