Friday, June 15, 2007


Cover me, I'm goin' in...

Well, remember all those gowns Rob brought home to me? I told y'all I chose the red gown because of the way it was made, and that is true. But I also chose it for ease of alteration as well. The spaghetti straps should (operative word) be pretty easy to tack up in order to cover everything that should stay covered.

However, during the "fashion show" for the kids, I tried on the gowns in their un-altered state (obviously). When I came out in the red gown, I also had a sheer black shawl/wrap that I accidentally dropped and bent over to pick up. Then I noticed Sophia's eyes. They were as round as saucers. "Momma," she whispered, "I can see your privates." I assured her it wouldn't be like this when I wear it "for real." Then I came out in a navy blue gown that was a bit plunging, to say the least. Eli looked very disturbed. "I don't think that is a proper dress for you to wear, Mom."

Now before y'all get all up in my business about how children shouldn't be telling parents what to wear, understand this: They GET IT. Know what I mean? At their young age, they understand that private parts are exactly that- private. Rob explained to Eli that just because I was trying on the gowns didn't mean I would wear them to the banquet. And since I am his wife, he will protect me by not having me wear something that doesn't honor the Lord. I told the children if a gown couldn't be altered to cover everything then it wouldn't get chosen. They all looked relieved.

I am thankful my children have an awareness of modesty in this show-it-all-to-any-and-everyone culture that is ours. God has sovereignly placed us in a fellowship of believers where young ladies do strive to be both modest and attractive. I love that my children are protective of me in that way and can express concern in a respectful way.

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How awesome that you have taught your children modesty! We are teaching ours as well, but are having more trouble with our son and "dropping his drawers" immediately when he "has to go"! Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!
I agree that's awesome! Thanks for sharing!
I think the comments by your children were terrific-- they are often much more blunt and honest about what they see than adults looking to save you embarrassment!
I really enjoyed your blog posts, including the one about your dh bringing home the dresses. It's wonderful that your kids understand early that just because you have it, it doesn't mean you show it.

I was really tickled about the dresses post. This sounds so much like what my dh would do. God love 'em!
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