Thursday, June 07, 2007


He's all mine...

So we are going here in a few weeks, right? And then two weeks ago Rob called me one day from work to let me know there's going to be an awards banquet one night- black tie required. He said he would have to rent a tux and I would need to get an evening gown- great. He went on to explain that he had recently seen some pictures of the last two years' banquets, complete with floor-length silk and/or sequined gowns- double great. After I made my spiel about how many little silk worms gave up their lives so middle-aged women could pretend to go to the prom again it hit me: I am middle-aged, and I have to find a dress pronto.

Well, I made up my mind I would go to Goodwill and check out the prom/bridesmaid castoffs because, really, I have seen some beautiful gowns in there for very decent prices. I told Rob, who, by the way, is the KING of thrift, and he said, "Good idea, but wait until I can go with you. It will be fun." Okay, no problem.

Now fast forward to the beginning of this week. He had to go out of town for two nights, and when he came home on Tuesday afternoon, he asked me to stay in the back of the house so he could bring in a surprise. I heard the kids ooohing and aaahing and giggling and then- "Come on out honey." When I got into the living room, Rob told me to close my eyes and he would lead me into the bedroom. When I opened my eyes y'all, there were SIX evening gowns hanging up in my room, as well as three different shawls/wraps. "Try them on and choose the one you like the best. We'll take everything else back." The king of thrift had bought over $600.00 worth of evening wear!!! Have I mentioned this man has great taste? Oh, where to begin! So I chose the dress closest to me to start and tried them all on, giving a everyone a little fashion show. I ended up choosing a simple Grecian-style (read: non-constricting) red gown and a sheer black shawl/wrap (it does have a few sequins!!).

After I profusely expressed my thanks to this terrific husband of mine, we began putting the gowns back onto the hangers and into the hanging bags. He turned around and said, "We should probably go shopping for some sandals to go with the dress." I protested. After all, look what he had just done. His reply? "Sweetie, relax. You wouldn't believe the fantastic deals I got on all those gowns."

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Oh, WOW!!!! How cool is that!! I am sure you will feel totally awesome getting all dressed up like that! Please please PLEASE post pictures, if you can!!
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