Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Urban scavenger hunt....

or, "Friday Night Fun in the 'Hood." So every other Friday night is Family Night for us. Usually it involves some sort of fun food (a k a, no vegetables) and a movie. But the urban (nee suburban) family is on a bit of a media fast until the new year, so Rob and I wanted to do something other than the norm. Enter our great idea to have a scavenger hunt.

We were blindsided by inspiration around 8:00 pm.....waaaaaay before the night life cranks up on our end of town...and decided to split up three ways: Team 1- Rob and Kirk; Team 2- Harrison and me; Team 3- Eli and Sophia. The list went as follows:

  1. tire
  2. beer bottle
  3. beer can
  4. potato chip bag
  5. piece of old wood
  6. oyster shell
  7. kudzu leaf
  8. colored leaf
  9. old shoe

Rob briefly thought of two additional items, namely a crack pipe and roach clip, but wisely decided against it. For obvious reasons, duh!

So off we went in search of treasure, sort of. Loving my family as I do, it is very difficult to say what I am about to say: SOME people are cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eaters!!! Rob, dearest, you cannot "borrow" a shoe from a friend's front porch to qualify as your old shoe item. Eli and Sophia, a moldy odor-eater (ironic, huh?) does not qualify either. But I'm not bitter. Anymore.

We had a blast. I think the best thing about being a parent is convincing your child/teammate that it is more fun to be the one to run and roll the old tire.

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And this morning, while walking Buddy, I saw an old box out by the road, part of somebody's trash. So...of course...I opened it to see what was inside..and fo sho! It was a box full of old shoes! Apparently none of us are very observant or we'd all picked up that item first thing!

Don't ya just love the urban life?
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