Wednesday, September 24, 2008


WFMW: Repair wood scratches...

Got kids or pets? Then you "got" scratches on your wood furniture- I don't care who you are. The wood crayons have never really worked for me; I don't know if I had the wrong color or what. But here's what to do. Take an oily nut (filbert, Brazil nut, macadamia) and bit it in half. Eat the half that is in your mouth. Take the other half and rub with the grain of the wood across the scratch(es) on the furniture. The natural oils in the nut will fill in the cracks. No kidding! Want more great ideas? Then go see what works for everyone else!


Wow! Amazing. I've got some Brazil nuts left, so I may have to try that out!
I've never heard this trick before.

By the way, SH, I'm liking your frequent posting especially your posts about your life and times in your new locale.
Thanks, Terri! I'm glad I found your blog again too :)
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