Thursday, August 14, 2008



in the saddle again. I hope. So much has happened in what I used to call Suburbia. I think, technically, I am just "urbia" now, but I'll have to look it up to make sure.

So we moved, but that wasn't really a surprise though. We are in a small, southeast Georgia college town (emphasis on small and south), and we came here to work with a church plant. Beginning last September, Rob and I (kids too) came down every other weekend to work with a small group of 12 or so who wanted to be a church plant. This group has steadily, by God's grace, grown to average between 40-50, and they asked us around the first of the year if we would consider moving down so Rob could pastor them.


There really is more to the story, such as how God changed my heart and my children's hearts as well. There's also the one about how God, in His sovereignty, decided my heart needed a major renovation. Or maybe a demolition.

But it's late, and morning comes pretty early around these parts. I sincerely hope to write more regularly (I could be sarcastic and say, "I regularly write when I get around to it...") and share just what has been going on here with The Suburban/Urban/Whatever I am Housewife if for nothing else but to reflect a little glimmer of God's glory.


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