Wednesday, June 04, 2008


WFMW: I'm bored!!

"Mom, I'm bored!" Oh, don't get me started. But it's inevitable, right? Most kids are used to the structure of every day school, whether homeschool or dayschool, so when vacation rolls around, it's easy to become bored with the lack of activity.

So here's what works for me: I plan certain activities for certain days. A week or so before school is out, I go the the local library and check out their scheduled events for the summer. Ours offers several things a week, but I choose the ones that all four of my kids can enjoy. For instance, yesterday we went to see a magician- hilarious! I also know that one of our local theaters offers $1 movies in the summer on Tuesday and Thursday, so the kids choose which movie they want to see, and we plan for that particular day.

I don't book up every day of the week, but this is helpful in scheduling certain chores too. If the kids know we are leaving on Tuesday at 10:00 am, then they also know they must get up and straighten their rooms and put away toys before we leave. See? It's a win/win situation!

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Good Morning!

I commented to your comment but realized you are not on xanga! I am not sure if my response is sent to your email address or not. I can't get through that song without starting to cry and have found myself singing it as I go about my day - it is a wonderful reminder of the only thing we really need! :O)

Love and God's Blessings,
I always forget about visiting the library for events. We have one less than a mile from my house so I will have to go check-out what cool summer events they have planned! Thanks for the tip!
Great idea! My daughter is always asking, "mommy, when are we going to do something fun???" in a whiny little voice. GRRRR..
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