Thursday, June 19, 2008


One of the first things...

we want to do when we move is install a new front door- a red one. I know I've read somewhere that a red door means welcome, and we definitely want to be a welcoming presence in our new neighborhood. The only problem we foresee is that our home is white with black trim. A red door would most assuredly add to the Georgia bulldog look, which wouldn't be so bad, except we will be living in a different university town- one whose mascot is NOT compatible with a bulldog!

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You know, you could just paint the door you find. It's a lot easier, and a lot less expensive.

Maybe if you painted it a not Georgia red you'd be okay.
How wonderful for you! We just moved a year ago (hint - rural). Visit my blog for some pictures if you would like.

Exciting. Hard work. Exciting. Hard work. Hard work. Get the point? haha.

I sincerely hope that it all goes like the wind and the next thing you know you are sippin' lemonade on your porch!


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