Monday, June 02, 2008


Guess what we made...

So, school's out, and what do I want to do? COOK!!! Ironic, huh? I know the weather is hot, humid, and hazy here in Suburbia, but I've been cooped up in a classroom for the better part of 9 and 1/2 months. When the kids got up this morning, I told them we were meeting another family at the strawberry farm (which will be the blueberry farm in two weeks) to pick some berries. They asked, "Are we making jam?" And even though I have never, in the history of my culinary experience, made jam, I responded with a confident, "YES!"

Then we got home with the berries, hulled and washed them, and I looked up the recipe: FOUR CUPS OF SUGAR?!?!?!?! You've got to be kidding me. There must be a better way, I told myself. So I called Taylor, and she calmly assured me that I could substitute that garbage for two cups of Sucanat with honey (just Google it; I don't have a link).

So we did, and now I have sparkling jars of jam on my kitchen counter and WAAAAAAY too many berries left over, even after we have all been popping them all day long. Now I'm thinking strawberry/blueberry jam for tomorrow. Yeah, blueberries are on sale at Publix this week, but I'm sure we'll be out there in two weeks, picking again. Ooh! I have a great blueberry-pear bread recipe to share with y'all. Stay tuned....

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Oh wow! Sounds so good! Are you in your new kitchen, or old?
I just found your blog from MSM. I live in Dacula, near the Mall of Ga. and have gone to the strawberry patch this year. Made jam, but want more, so I plan to go back. I have a question for you though...The recipe I have for jam calls for 7 cups of sugar-it makes 8 jars. Have you tasted your jam yet? Is it sweet enough? I was thinking there had to be another way instead of using ALL that sugar.
Thanks! Oh, we can't wait to go blueberry and blackberry picking soon!
athomeelise at yahoo dot com
The jam is sweet enough; but it's the berries I taste, and not the white sugar.

Old kitchen. The story of our new one is an interesting one; we'll have to get together! We should be in mid-July.
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