Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Works for Me Rerun Edition...

Do you- and by "you" I mean "your children"- misplace library books? Do you ever get that Overdue Notice in your e-mail inbox? Do you have to play "last minute mad-scramble" before heading to the library? Let me be the first to say that all of the above have happened to me. Sometimes I want to avoid the library altogether, but that's not a smart move. So what's my solution? The Library Laundry Basket! It's easy: just designate a small to medium-sized (remember, you have to carry it full of books) laundry basket for library use. Take it into the library with you and tell your children to choose their 5 (or however many books they check out on a weekly basis) books, movies, books on tape, etc. and put them in the basket. I promise you that you will become a favorite with the nearly-retired librarians! After checking out, remind your children that all library items must stay in the basket unless being used. This way, the library things don't get absorbed into your children's things. Imagine: your local library will be FREE again without the hassle of overdue fines from lost books!!

Shannon has some more great reruns over at her place!


you're my hero for posting this!


i am a repeat offender to harboring library books wayyyy past their due dates.
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