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WFMW: Progressive Packing...

The Suburban household will be moving in a little over 2 months to another suburban location. The task of packing up an entire house can seem daunting, at best. Here is the best advice I can give on the task, as we have had a little experience in this area!

Designate a room for each upcoming weekend. Take two hours (sometimes it will be less) and a large garbage sack and begin to go through that particular room. Trash is trash, people. Get rid of it!! If the room happens to be a bedroom, go ahead and sort through the clothing for a giveaway pile. Since we are in the spring season here, now would be a great time for me to pack up the winter clothes.

This "progressive packing" will make your actual packing time much easier, and it really works for me. Trust me! There is nothing worse than having to sort and pack at the same time.

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Thanks for this great reminder. We are trying to sell our house, and even though I have moved quite a few times, I still hate it and wonder what new tricks I can learn.
Oh goodness - I've packed leisurely and I've packed in a hurry. I like leisurely MUCH better! When I packed in a hurry I packed so much trash, boxes that had drawers just dumped into them, things I hated, things I had marked for goodwill. It was a mess.

When I had time, I wrote on strips of construction paper the names of rooms/destinations in the new place. Then I taped two pieces on each box - so that the top and the sides of the box were marked with a color. This made it easy to see the colors as they were being hauled - I could hollar out -- Yellow to the kitchen - Green goes to the garage, etc.

I then put a big colored paper on the doors of the bedroom to match the colors on the boxes. This just made it a no-brainer for the movers to get the boxes in the correct room.

Have a Great Move!
Moving is our life (a.k.a. MILITARY) but at least we get packers hired for us (quality is questionable at times, but they do the work!) are a few tips-
*put your silverware in large plastic bags; then you don't have to wash it again when it's time to put them away.
*plates should stand on end on the bottom of the box (wrapped in paper, of course)
*pack spices in a large plastic container you use in the kitchen anyway
*put smaller plastic containers inside your largest so you don't have to wash them again; lids in bags
*bag up bolts and screws, etc. and tape them to the underside of the furniture they go to
*have a box with necessities that you put on your truck last and take off first: t.p., sheets, paper towels, paper products to eat on temporarily, garbage bags, etc.
*this is a great time (as you pack or unpack put it in an excel worksheet- you can download them) to do your household inventory for insurance purposes; nobody plans on having a fire or natural disaster
*take photos of your rooms- it may help you remember how you decorated in the event you want to repeat
*if there is a paint color you like and you're not taking the can(we can't move those unless we do it ourselves), make sure you have the formula label, not the color name, off your can

Happy moving- we go cross country again in a few months.
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