Wednesday, April 30, 2008


WFMW: Bathrooms

If you have at least one boy, then bathroom cleaning can be, um, challenging. I cannot stand dirty bathrooms, but I especially dislike dirty, smelly ones. And the once-a-week cleaning routine just doesn't cut it at the Suburban household, because I have (count 'em) three boys- and one girl- who share a bathroom.

Enter Lysol cleaning wipes. If you follow this advice, I promise you that it will revolutionize your bathroom cleaning habits forever. Really. Every evening, after the baths, teethbrushing, etc., I pull two wipes from the container under the sink. One wipe is for the countertop and sink bowl. I generally rinse it out once and swipe again. The other wipe is for the toilet seat, under the seat, and behind the seat. *If you have girls only, this piece of advice is utterly meaningless* On Saturday, all I have to do is spritz and wipe the mirror, swish out the toilet bowl, and quick mop the floor. But that's another tip altogether! Sound simple? It really works for me.


As a mom to 3 boys and a girl myself, I can relate! Mine aren't little any more, but I swear the youngest still has rotten aim--and he's a teenager. I think 'bad aim' is genetic in some kids.
I use Clorox wipes because I get them free from work...but you are right, wipes are the easiest way!
I hate hate HATE cleaning the bathroom! I guess if I use your routine it would be so much easier. I just prefer not to go in there!!
Oh, yes, praise God for Lysol cleaning wipes. And I don't have any boys. I'm sure I'd practically worship them if I did.
I guess I need a routine also. I am so tired of cleaning up pee from random spaces in the bathroom. You think by the age of 9 the boy would have learned how to aim....
Thanks for the suggestions. I am battling the bathroom challenge right now with my son and the many friends that rome in and out my doors on a daily basis. In Arizona, you are the most popular house if you have a pool and we are the neighborhood winners.

Now, if I could only get those boys to actually hit the big hole on the toliet instead of shooting for the backboard.
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