Friday, April 04, 2008


Spring Break...

Aaaah! Hear that? Of course you don't, but I'll tell you. It's the sound of my washer and dryer running at 9:54 in the morning. What's this? The Suburban Housewife is online at 9:54 in the morning. Her children are in sweats and blankets, listening to a Junie B. Jones CD and playing with Legos and Polly Pockets.

It is Spring Break, my friends, and I don't even care that it's 55 degrees and misting on this first day of our mini-vacation from school. After school yesterday, we stopped by the library to load up on books for our upcoming week. Yay!! My children are at the age now where they disperse to their own favorite parts of the library and come find and consult with me when they are ready to checkout. And, BONUS, they've learned that the librarians actually GET PAID to answer their questions and help them locate items! Shhhhhh! Don't let that one get out!


Hey, we're on Spring Break next week too (although we had school today) so we should do something together to get my mind off the fact that I don't have a passport, so for the first time in a couple of years, we're not in Canada.
Seems weird that you have to have a passport to go somewhere that's, you know, ATTACHED!!
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