Monday, April 21, 2008


Guess what we're doing...

This week at school, we are in the throes of standardized testing. My feelings about them are a bit ambivalent, even for an educator! Nevertheless, it is a task we must accomplish, and to the glory of God we shall endeavor.

As a teacher, it is frustrating to walk that tightrope of shedding a bit more light on the question at hand and not "giving away" too much information. I am administering the test to 22 sixth graders; I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that!

This week's testing takes away three whole academic instruction days. Yay! for the kids, but Boo! for the teachers. It seems that everything competes for attention in these last nine weeks. I'm as eager as the next guy/gal for school to be over, but there are things that must be covered!! If I am a bit scarce the next few weeks (as if I'm not scarce enough already), it's not that I don't love you all (five people, including my parents and sister). Just know I'm trying to model what I am pushing for my own children and students- perseverance. Perseverance and faith.

*Contrary to what the comic indicates, I am not a public school educator; but it is funny still!


Personally, I think standardized tests should be abolished. But that's just me.
Ha, Ha, I was just about to say that standardized tests should be banned, and then I saw Terri's post. Great minds . . . all three of us. :-)
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