Monday, March 31, 2008


Please, please tell me now...

While this isn't a post on great music from the 20th century (can anyone name the group?), it is an honest plea for wisdom, insight, caution, and/or affirmation. Remember the changes I mentioned a couple of posts ago?
Although I'm not ready to unveil all the goings on here in Suburbia (yet), I will tell you that Rob and I have decided that I will homeschool our oldest and youngest children next year.

So. Our youngest lovey will be in Kindergarten, and I'm very drawn to this curriculum for him. I have used this particular provider once before with just a single subject and was quite pleased. I don't know if it is the English teacher in me or what, but I really do appreciate the premise of a literature-based instruction.

If any of y'all (yes, the three of you in your bathrobe and slippers) have experience with this company, please alert me. Please, please tell me now; is there something I should know?


Hey! How did you know I was in my bathrobe and slippers? 'Cause I totally am. Anyway, I haven't used Sonlight, but when I first homeschooled Becca, I really, really considered it, but the price for the total package was prohibitive for her grade. But I've heard many good things about it. Have you tried the website to see what others who have used it think? A word of caution: sometimes the conflicting reviews of curriculum only confused me more than helped me.

I also know of a school in Savannah that uses Sonlight for their elementary curriculum and a friend said she was pleased with what all her first grade daughter was reading and learning.
could it be a little Duran Duran????
your friend and music trivia fan Susan
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