Wednesday, November 14, 2007


WFMW: Time to make the sandwiches...

You know I've talked about the making lunches routine before. Well, once again, the freezer saves my day- day after day.

My children do not all like the same kind of sandwiches- shocker! Two like mustard; two do not. One likes salami; three do not. One likes PBJ; one just likes PB; and two have grown tired of it altogether. You can see how this might become time consuming on a rushed morning, right? Well, I tried something during the summer. I made several meat and cheese sandwiches, cut them in half, sealed them in a sandwich bag, and shoved them in the freezer. I packed a picnic lunch one day soon after with the frozen sandwiches, and, to my utter delight, they were perfectly fine when thawed.

Then I moved on to PBJ experimentation. I figured if grocery stores could charge $2.50 for four PBJ's in cute little tart shapes (with no crusts), then I could stick one measly PBJ sandwich in the freezer. So I did. Fine again. I even found a tart maker in my bag of tricks.

Now I will use a whole loaf of bread to make one kind of sandwich and place them all in a large sealed container in the freezer. Lather, rinse, repeat with other varieties of sandwiches. In the morning I just select the appropriate sandwich for the appropriate child, pop it in a sandwich container and into the lunchbox!

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Hi there! Found you on WFMW. I've been wondering about PB&J in the freezer, but have been afraid to try it. Thanks for the tip! Awesome!
This is a fantastic idea! Jonathan is tired of eating leftovers for lunch - this gives variety without everything going bad. I like it!
I don't have a blog - but read many :)- found you at WFMW.

GOOD idea, I only have two children (until March - then there will be 3!) and this will make a big difference!

Excellent tip--I will need this next year when my girl starts school!
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