Wednesday, November 21, 2007


WFMW: Keep those potatoes warm!

If you live in America, you know that tomorrow is perhaps the biggest cooking day of the year. I know some will argue that Christmas is, but around these Suburban parts, Thanksgiving is all about family, good food, and- well- thankfulness.

But there does seem to be a problem I run into every single time: what can I cook/bake ahead of time to free up some oven/stove space? Now I have at least one solution- I make my mashed potatoes ahead of time. For instance, if we plan to eat at 3:00, I would make my mashed potatoes around noon time, get them seasoned and creamy, just the way we like them, and put them in my crockpot on LOW (this is important, people- do NOT set it on HIGH). Before putting on the lid, I drizzle just a bit of either cream or chicken broth on the top surface so I don't have little crispy peaks when all is said and done.

You know where the other great tips are- go, go, go! And Happy Thanksgiving.


Great idea! That's one of the hardest things about Thanksgiving dinner -- getting everything ready and hot all at the same time.
Thanks so much fr the tip, I'll be using this tomorrow!
This is a very helpful idea. One that I would not have thought of on my own. However, I don't think mashed potatoes are on our Thanksgiving menu this year, but I'll remember this next time I take mashed potatoes to a church fellowship meal.
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