Wednesday, October 10, 2007


WFMW: Set that timer!

We all know that any given task will expand to fit the time alloted for it. For example, it really only takes me 5 minutes to unload my dishwasher, but if I dawdle, I can sure stretch that out to 15 minutes or so. The same is especially true for children's chores. A request of "Let's clean up our rooms" can fill up the better part of an hour, especially after a full day of school.

So here's what works for me: I tell the kids, "I'm giving you 15 minutes to clean your room to the glory of God. Ready, set, GO!!!!" Ooooh, you should see them scramble to beat the timer. However many minutes they save is the amount I add onto bedtime reading.

So, head on over- you know you want to!!


Great tip! The only thing I've used the timer for with my son is time outs :) I love the added benefit of extra reading time if they work quickly!
This is great isn't it!! My husband loves to do 10 minute pick up with the kids.
I have been meaning to get a timer for way to long. Today is the day!! Thanks for the inspiration.
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