Monday, September 24, 2007


Ready for a change?

Sometimes I walk through particular rooms in my home and think, "I've put it off long enough. We need to talk about new furniture." And as much as I love the idea of new furniture, I loathe the idea of going to a furniture showroom. With our four children, the problem isn't them rolling all over the furniture (much), but rather them exclaiming (loudly), "I LOVE this bed!!! This would look GREAT in my room!" And guess who is close by? Right. The sales associate. Looking at my kids and seeing dollar signs.

But here is an online site where you can look at bedroom furniture, kid furniture, and child furniture in the privacy of your home and at your own leisure. Apparently, in the world of furnishings, "kid" is slightly older than "child," and you can see the difference in the more mature look of "kid" furniture.The king beds section is another great spot.

So go take a look. There are plenty of styles for all tastes.


In reference to your comment on my blog about the "do away with apostrophes" movement, I thought you'd enjoy these blogs. I find them quite funny.

The Blog of Unecessary Quotations

Literally, a Web Log
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