Sunday, August 05, 2007


Reflections of a 5-year old...

So Kirk is a deep thinker. If you spend any length of time with him it is easy to tell when those moments "come upon" him. Because he gets quiet. And that is a rare thing. Unless he's sleeping!


The other night I was tucking him in for bed, giving out the usual hugs and kisses. He asked, "Momma, why can't I just always kiss you on the lips?"

"Because my lips are for Daddy. You can kiss my cheek, nose, or any other part of my face."

---Long pause. Quiet pause---

"So, Momma, when I grow up do I get to kiss Daddy on the lips?"

"No, sweetie. When you grow up, you get to kiss your wife on the lips."


---Long pause. Quiet pause---

"Well, you and Daddy will help me find a wife, right?"

"That's right."

"Well, she will be beautiful. And love Jesus. And she has to wear lipstick."

And there you have it- the sum of all things important for a future wife!!

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Hi, Suburban Housewife! This post made me laugh out loud. Kirk is definitely thinking things through isn't he? I can't believe he's five. I have him freeze-framed in my mind at three.

By the way, thanks for the blog recommendation. I found it very funny.
Oh, don't you just love those 'deep thought' moments?

This is very sweet. Thanks for the smile.
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