Friday, August 17, 2007


Garage: For Men Only?

In our society, no matter how politically correct we strive to be, there are certain places in the house that are considered "male" and "female." Admit it! In our house, the garage or storage shed is generally considered to be the man's domain. But Car Guy Garage has some pretty snazzy items that just might make us women rethink the whole "his" and "her" thing.

One item of particular interest is the pressure washer. What makes this one so cool is that it's electric- no bulky motor to lug around! When I think of pressure washers, the possibilities of use are endless. The obvious one is for car washing. A pressure washer would almost make that chore fun. But let's broaden the scope. Is your deck looking dingy and washed out? Does your driveway have oakleaf stains? Do you need to prep the exterior of your home before painting? You see where I'm going with this. If any of these chores resonate with you, check out Car Guy Garage and see how it can meet your need.

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