Thursday, June 14, 2007


Happy Anniversary...

to Mom and Dad- it's the BIG "38"! Harrison put it this way, "Whoa, Grandma, you've almost got four decades of marriage." Then he told me, "That's even older than you, mom!" Um, yeah, in the best case scenarios!! Eli proceeded to ask me how old Grandma was when she got married and I replied, "18." His response? "Oh yeah, that's kinda like what they did in ancient Egypt- married young, I mean."
Okay, so my children aren't totally clear on the whole what-age-should-a-person-get-married at this point in their lives, but at least they know they want to get married- someday.
Now for some memories....
*Six Flags every summer. Because what is a summer vacation without a trip to Six Flags? Be assured, Mom and Dad, now that I'm a parent I totally love the whole idea of paying an ungodly amount of money to walk, get nauseous, listen to whining, carrying an extra 40 lbs. of child body, etc.
*Intra-family vacations to Myrtle Beach. What the HECK were you thinking? (And I mean that with the utmost respect)
*Hand-staining every stinkin' piece of baseboard trim in our new (1987) house. Then sanding. Then adding polyeurathane. Then sanding again. Then "one more coat" of poly. Oops, there are some some air bubbles. Let's start over!!
*Trips home for a visit when we (Rob, kids and I) lived in California. Somehow the 4 1/2 hour plane ride was worth it just to relax at your house for a week.
And now we watch you persevere together during this time. What a testimony to us that your security is not in money or possessions, but in Christ, who holds all things together. Much love to you on this day!

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Huge congratulations to your parents. what a blessing they have been to us, and what a beautiful example to all of us who aren't as far along this road of marriage.
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