Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Works for Me...

This is really a no-brainer, I know, but it is a jewel of a tip that has helped me tremendously this school year. I teach at a small classical Christian school, and there is no "formal" hot lunch program. There is a restaurant that caters daily (to the tune of $4.25 per meal), but that doesn't fit my budget. So in August, when I was staring down the barrel of having to make 720 lunches (180 days x 4 children), I came up with this idea. Basically, when I make cookies, I keep back roughly half the cookie dough and scoop it onto a cookie sheet using my cookie scoop. These go into the freezer for a flash-freeze (about 30 minutes) and then are transferred to a Ziploc freezer bag. On the outside of the bag I write the type of cookie- though at my house it really doesn't deviate from chocolate chip- the baking temperature, and the amount of baking time.

This has saved me oodles of money and has kept me from the temptation of buying pre-packaged, preservative laden snacks (sorry Little Debbie lovers!).

Be sure to stop over here for more WFMW tips!

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I've done this, too. I try to put at least a dozen 'dough balls' away for future use. Better and cheaper than those dairy-case cookie doughs. Oh...and don't forget to freeze uniced cupcakes next time you make them!
Have you ever seen those frozen, premade PB&J sandwiches? That inspired me to try doing it myself. And guess what? They defrost wonderfully! I used to make a week's worth of PB&J (4x5xa couple extra just in case), bag them in sandwich baggies, put those back into the bread bag, and keep 'em frozen until we needed them. Saved TONS of time. I've heard sandwich meats work okay with this, too, but we're a PB&J family.
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