Wednesday, May 16, 2007


WFMW: Color-coded family members...

Remember when we heard that it was a good idea to buy a "family calendar"? So we all went out to Sam's Club or Office Depot and bought that large, supercool erasable whiteboard? Yeah, me too. What I didn't realize was that once I put all the commitments and errands for the month on that board I would still be confused! It hurt my eyes to look at it. But I came up with a solution: color-coded family members. I assigned each member of my family a particular color. Then I use the color of the person I am scheduling at the time. For example, Eli is the color RED. When I schedule his karate times for the month, or the birthday party he will attend, I only use the RED marker. See? So when grandparents call and want to know what child A,B,C,or D is doing, all I have to do is look for that person's "color" on the calendar! It works for me!

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What a great idea! I kinda do this already, only we aren't quite organized enough for calendars just yet. But when we buy things like sippy cups or sunglasses, my oldest always gets green and my second gets blue. It helps to keep things straight.
I did this, too, and so far it's working well as long as the kids don't abscond with my colored pencils!

As for the actual calendar, what really Works For Me is buying a new one every year at Michael's. In December they have oodles of calendars for $1 each and one of the styles is a large-block calendar with no photo on top (so there are two weeks on the top and two weeks on the bottom of the calendar). Love it, love it, love it!
Now that is one useful tip!! Thanks...
This is a great idea!
Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you come back soon!
I posted the same tip. I should have read the other tips first and I would have seen yours and done a different one. But it is a good thing to do. It has become much easier to see who has to do what. Do you use the dry erase board? If so, did you find enough colors for your family? I have one of those calendars but I use a paper one because I don't have enough dry erase markers in different colors for my family.
I do use a dry erase board. There is a brand of dry-erase markers called EXPO, and they have a rainbow of colors in that line. They have regular primary colors, as well as pastel ones. Check at an office supply store for those!
Thanks for letting me know about those markers. I am definitely going to get some. I do have the EXPO brand, but I just a couple of colors so I might have to check out a different store. Thanks.
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