Wednesday, February 14, 2007


My husband made me cry...

Well, that certainly got your attention, huh? This was a good cry, though. He came in this afternoon, after being out of town for three days, and gave out "valentine" hugs and kisses. Then he said, "Sophia, I have a special surprise for you in the kitchen." Naturally, she was thinking, "SCORE!!! More candy." But it was so much better. Rob presented her with her very first bouquet of roses. Sophia's eyes grew wide. "Oh, Daddy. Are these just for me?"

It's the little things like this that make me think, "Oh yeah. He totally gets it." And then, "How on earth did I merit such a man?"

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great story. It's things like this that prepare a little girl for a husband that will treat her right.
Awwwww, that is sooooooo sweeeeet!!

How precious!

Thank you for stopping by my blog today and commenting. (o:

Aww, what a guy! Love it.
Aw! What a sweet memory she will have of this! I still remember the first time I got flowers from my daddy, for some strange reason it reminds me of that song "Butterfly Kisses".
That is SOOOOOOOO sweet!!! :-) What a good daddy.
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