Thursday, February 01, 2007


Not all heroes wear stretchy pants...

When Harrison was a toddler, he enjoyed playing "super hero." Actually, "enjoy" is quite an understatement. In reality, he would (every morning upon awakening) dress for action, so to speak. The usual uniform involved some sort of sleeveless basketball jersey shirt, pajama pants, and underwear. I know what you're thinking: Underwear? Of course, that just goes without saying. Not quite. For you see, the underwear always had to be on the outside of the pajama pants. And not just any underwear. They had to coincide with whichever superhero Providence deemed he be that day. So for instance, if Harrison were to be Batman, then he had to wear Batman underwear on the outside of his pajama pants- along with Batman cape and mask. And this wasn't an activity confined to the indoors. Oh, no. He wore this in the backyard, in the driveway, and to neighbors' homes. I drew the line at taking him to the grocery store in that getup, however. I know: future therapy because I stifled his creativity. And when asked, "Son, why do you have your underwear on the outside of your dress-up?" he just looked at us like we were poor, uninformed, misfortunate grownups. "Momma/Daddy. All superheroes wear their underwear on the outside." Well. You have to admit he had us there.

But years have passed and he doesn't do that anymore (phew!). He does, however, still have heroes. And while Rob and I are all for truth, justice, and the American way (mostly), we encourage our sons to look for heroes with a bit more substance than stretchy pants and cool gadgets. We want them to have heroes who are known for an unashamed stand for the truth and sufficiency of God's Word. Because when it's all said and done, these are the "heroes" with true kingdom cool-ness. One such man would be Al Mohler. He certainly stands for the truth of Scripture regardless of the politically correct (secular and religious) climate. Although cool dead guys make great heroes too, I kind of like the idea of my sons seeing a modern-day reformer and following his actions and responses. This is not to say that we teach our boys to put such people on a pedestal, but to watch, learn, and imitate Godly behavior.

WOW! Hey, that's Al Mohler! And your kids...who's the bald guy? :-) hehe
Now all we need to come up with is some Al Mohler underwear...
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