Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I'm 20 on the inside...

on the outside- not so much. It's like this: when my kids ask me to do things- like cartwheels- for example, I am quick to say, "Oh yeah. I can do that." I am not lying (technically), because in my mind I can totally see myself doing those things.

So let's do take cartwheels as a case in point. Not so long ago, my daughter Sophia was obsessed with learning how to do a cartwheel. We happened to be in my parents' yard one sunny afternoon when she asked me, "Mom, will you please show me how to do a cartwheel?" I never gave a thought before I planted my hands on the ground and propelled myself upward. Now, it is interesting to note (with hindsight) that approximately mid-way through my defiance of aerodynamics or thermodynamics or whatever that I thought, "BIG mistake." Unfortunately for me the law of physics had pretty much sealed my fate. I was able to complete the cartwheel, but my body protested- strongly. My heart was beating at an alarmingly rapid pace- and I have low blood pressure! My legs and thighs, well, honestly? The last time they felt like that was immediately preceded by natural childbirth.

I was stunned. At what point had my body betrayed me? When had it quit going in various directions with nary a twinge? When had I become old? It must have happened when I wasn't looking. But I will say one thing: Sophia was suitably impressed with this "old" momma!

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I still think I can do cartwheels too! Now I have to be satisfied with watching my 6 year old learn how to do them:)

Blessings to you and I hope you have fun as part of the Ultimate Blog Carnival by 5 Minutes for Mom!

Stopping by via the Party Blog. Loved this story--sounds like something I would do. Made me laugh.

Sounds like we're both in the same "neck of the woods"...gotta love the South! I'm actually a Georgia girl (Go DAWGS!), but now living in Alabama.

Stop by and visit me if you get a chance!
Visiting via the blog party!
I can totally relate, I feel like I just got out of college!
Happy party,
Just coming by and reading blogs....
And I'm forever a good evening...
Stopping in for the party. I know what you mean about your body changing. I feel the same. I am 35 but most days my body makes me feel much older!
I saw you at the blog party and stopped by to give a shout out to a fellow party goer!
I can totally relate. I tried riding a bike recently...after 6 kids this old body needs a makeover!
Hello! I am visiting from the blog party and am enjoying meeting new friends! Take care! :)
Swinging in for the party. Nice to meet ya.

My 3rd party give away has started. Come on over when ya get a chance.

okay I'm laughing. BTDT last year! lol

Anyhow, lovely blog, come by the 160 and get some party favors!
*following the party trail!
Ugh! My 4yo daughter wanted me to race her around the house yesterday, and I could not believe how hard it is to run now! I am carrying quite a bit more weight and now have kneww problems. When did all of that happen?! I'm here form the blog party and will be back later. have fun!
Just stopping by from the party. Great blog ! Nice to meet you.
God Bless
Visiting via the blog party and totally relating to the cartwheel incident! I did that about two years ago and felt the same way.
Happy Blog party to you!

I'm giving away earrings on my blog so be sure to stop and say hi. :)

Dropping in from the party circuit to say Hi. I can sure relate. My body has felt very old this week.
Just pleassssse don't try to do a split. You know I can relate and I totally feel your pain.
I'm right there with you sister.
I love doing cartwheels - that heart-racing thing is what makes me love them!
I have low blood pressure too and feel like I get a huge instant rush when I do a cartwheel. Who needs illegal drugs? Do a cartwheel. :)
Swings and merry-go-rounds, on the other hand, make me show my age. I just get carsick. Ugh.
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