Saturday, January 20, 2007


You like the WHAT?

So, I was reading a familiar blog today, and Kathryn asked for some favorite baby mispronunciations. Boy, could I write a book about that!! (So why don't I....) While there are many mis-sayings that are quite funny (remember, 4 kiddos from 11 to 4), there is one in particular that really stands out- but if you are easily offended, stop reading.

Still here? Okay, then, let's go down that road known as "Memory Lane".....We were living in Brentwood, CA (not the OJ Simpson neighborhood, but the one in northern CA), and I was pregnant with Sophia. Harrison was 4 and Eli had just turned 2. Now, just as background info, when I am pregnant, sometimes I am bombarded with an overwhelming urge to decorate- or in this particular case, redecorate. And so the urge hit while I was in the boys' bathroom. I noticed how beige everything was. I started thinking toward the next summer when I would begin- hopefully- pottytraining Eli. It's not very exciting to begin one's life-long potty habits in a beige bathroom. Wouldn't it be fun to make it more stimulating? More of a boy-I-just-can't-wait-for-the-next-potty-time sort of room.

Fortunately, Rob and the budget agreed with me, so I left to find that perfect decor. I returned shortly thereafter, armed with all the supplies and accessories for a tropical fish bathroom. There was a great fish-shaped rug, a clear plastic rinse cup imprinted with tropical fish, two bath and hand towels with said fish, and a really cool Martha Stewart blue and white plaid fabric tie-top shower curtain. I found various sizes of tropical fish stencils on clearance, so I bought those, along with some paint. Rob suggested that it would be better for him to take the boys out of the house for about 2 or 3 hours so I could work uninterrupted. Great idea! I started the next morning, and I was pleased with how everything turned out. Rob called and asked if I was ready for him and the boys to come on home and I gave him the "O-kay."

When they came in, Rob had Harrison and Eli cover their eyes and walk into the bathroom for the "unveiling." When they opened their eyes, Harrison just smiled, hugged me, and said, "Thanks Momma. I really like the fish." Eli, on the other hand, was completely speechless. His big blue eyes were the size of saucers. Finally, he looked at me and said, "Oh, Momma. Look at the beautiful b*tches! I REALLY like those b*tches!"

We were completely stupefied. We tried all day to teach him "F-f-f-f-fish"- but to no avail. So, of course, when two elders and wives from church came for supper that night, Eli immediately grabbed their hands, dragging them to the bathroom to see the b*tches that Momma painted!!!

Great story! How have I not heard it before now?

This reminds me of a little boy who lived with Jonathan and I (with his mother) for six months. He couldn't pronounce his g's, so hungry came out "horney". No one really thought about it much, we knew what he meant, until he announced to a waitress one time that he was "horney" was she "horney", and she looked at me and said "WHAT did he just ask me?"
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