Thursday, August 31, 2006


My first name is Mrs...

Mrs. Wilkerson, that is. For the longest time when I would hear that title, I would look around, expecting to see my mother-in-law. When I got married at the tender age of 21 (22 the next month), the only time I expected to call myself "Mrs. Wilkerson" was when I signed our checks.

Well, times have changed. Small children, young children, teenagers, and even (gulp) young adults now call me Mrs. Wilkerson. Our pastor's two oldest children have graduated from high school and I so want to ask them to call me by my first name (No my first name ain't Baby- sorry, quick throwback to the 80s). But I know they won't.

And now, because of some changes in our lives, I am "Mrs. Wilkerson" from 8:00am to 2:30pm Monday-Friday, except on holidays and weekends! How's that? I am teaching school. Color me surprised when my husband encouraged me to think about the opportunity!! That's mostly because I had sworn off teaching (for pay) forever and ever amen due to time served in the public school system before I had children.

*Please do not flame me with pro-public school sentiments. This is not a debate over the rightness or wrongness of public schools. I just personally had a terrible experience which included violence directed toward me by an 18 year-old male and a failure of the administration to back me up*

SO. This is a new phase in our lives, where all our children are school-aged. The school is a classical Christian school and is located less than a mile from our home (so I should never be late, right?) All of our children attend there as well, and I like the feeling of having all my "chicks" under one roof, even when they are at school.

We have looked at this as a means of grace (not in the sense of a sacrament, calm down) to help us get out of debt. We have been diligent on this track for over a year now, and this job will help us meet that goal sooner.

So please pray for us as we adjust to this new phase of life. And you can call me "Sherri" or "Mrs." when you pray- I'm pretty sure our Father knows me by both names!!

Great post, Sherri! You have the ability to elicit a giggle or two when I read what you type here! My son is driving me crazy!!! Gotta get going. Glad the Lord provided the work. "MRS" SHERRI :).
Isn't it neat how God can provide something we're not even expecting, and because he's perfect, what he provides ends up being perfect too? We're praying that this will be not only a means of financial grace, but also a measure of "parental" grace, as you are able to continue being the mother God called you to be while being a Proverbs 31 wife to Rob.
Congratulations on the job! I bet you'll do great. I know what you mean about getting used to 'Mrs.' I've been a 'Mrs.' for over 25 years. I can remember thinking it was the cutest thing when my children's friends would say, "Hi, Mrs. P____!"
I am so sorry the school administration didn't back you up in your ordeal. Shame on them. But I'm glad you have your faith and a loving family that helped you!
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