Saturday, July 29, 2006


A good Darwinian is hard to find...

You just can't seem to find a good, solid Darwinian these days- ya know? I came across this news piece the other day and I was left sort of scratching my head. The segment talked about bats in southern California (SoCal, for those of us who have lived there!) that are dehydrating because of the extreme temperatures. So, naturally, the politically correct public rallied and gathered volunteers to re-hydrate them by medicine droppers and water-soaked cotton balls.

WWDD? What would Darwin do? Seems to me that a true Darwinian would realize that this was natural selection right in front of our eyes. If the bats cannot endure the extreme conditions, then seemingly nature would be "selecting" them to die off- at least in that area.

Just imagine if the public outcry were that strong regarding "the least of these" in reference to humans. Jesus didn't say, "If you've given a cup of water to one of these bats in My name, you've done it unto Me." Hmmm...

Great post... somehow, I don't the politically correct would get this post. NOT that I am calling them stupid or anything... okay... maybe I am. ;)
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