Sunday, June 11, 2006


The Church is the Bearer of Christ...

That is the meaning of our son's name: Kirk Christopher. This is our prayer for his life- simply, that he will be a bearer of Christ in all areas of his life. He is our baby and today he turns 4. I can so clearly remember the day he was born in Grand Rapids, MI, so it doesn't seem quite right that he is already this ripe old age!

So, to my "baby"- the sunshine of our household.....

*You were our "surprise" when we found out about you. Your sister, Sophia, was 8 months old at the time.

*We (foolishly) scratched our heads and asked, "God, are you sure?"

*We told our realtor we needed a home with a space we could convert into another bedroom. He said, "Really? Why would you need....OH! Congratulations!"

*God graciously granted me a relatively easy pregnancy after the difficult one with Sophia.

*You stayed en utero for a whopping 38/almost 39 weeks- practically overdue! Sophia and Eli both came at 37 weeks.

*From the time of your birth, you have been a sweet, contented child who delights in your siblings.

*You are, without a doubt, the most affectionate child we know.

*You love to kiss my face. And my "other" face (both cheeks!). And my eyes. And my "topface" (forehead). And my nose.

*You tell me, "I pretty love you, Mom."

*Your belly-giggle is so infectious.

*Your brown eyes sparkle with excitement and love of your family.

*You love to snuggle in the early morning.

*You bring such immense joy to this house. You are the blessing we did not ask for and the one we could not imagine being without. My love for you overtakes me sometimes to the point I think I just cannot contain it. Your daddy and I pray that you will become a man who follows hard after Christ. And, when you "get a woman who will cook good things" for you (the sum total of important things in a wife right now!) that you will love her and point her to Christ.

We love you Kirky-doodle-doo. You're such a saucy fella!

This is another beautiful post!! I pretty think you're neat. Elly
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