Wednesday, June 21, 2006


All I want for Christmas is my...

Yeah. Go ahead. Finish the song. "But a Christmas song in June?" you ask. "Whatever for?" Wellllll... and I hesitate to say why. You e-people will surely think I am the least qualified person on the planet to have 4 children, especially when y'all find out that Kirk, my baby, got his two front teeth knocked out on Sunday. Yes, snaggletooth-dom has invaded our home once again- this time it is here to stay, for a while at least, seeing as how Kirk just turned 4. The story goes a little something like this...

At a small church gathering, far, far away (not really- just 10 minutes away) two boys played with opposite ends of a baby stroller (minus the baby). One child, mine, grabbed the handled end of the stroller, while another boy, not mine, held the front end. Aforementioned older boy released pink baby stroller, not realizing that younger child (mine) was actually pulling quite aggressively. And before you could say "tooth fairy" two tiny teeth were laying on the floor, roots and all.

At this point, some background information might be helpful. You see, Kirk has sustained some pretty major trauma to those teeth- twice, in fact. We were actually told by our previous dentist that his two front teeth would turn gray, die, and possibly abscess, resulting in a root canal(s). Yikes! Who wants their 2 year-old to have a root canal? But they never turned gray- just a yellowish color. Oh yeah, and every 4-6 months or so, these pus-pocket looking things would pop up on his upper gums above the front teeth. We found out that was the beginning of the abscess process and, if left untreated, could travel into his sinus cavity and do some serious damage. Lovely.

So, we visited beautiful-blonde-soft-spoken-dentist-lady on Monday to assess the damage. She concluded that 1) all of the two teeth came out- no broken pieces remained, and 2) she probably would have extracted them very soon anyway, due to the fact they were already causing issues. SO! Could this incident on Sunday really have been a providential blessing, saving us hundreds of dollars in dental fees? Obviously, we are choosing to think, "YES!"

Besides, the teeth were accidentally thrown away during the Father's Day post-meal cleanup time...

God really IS Sovereign! I actually think that is a very cool story. Dental work is sooo expensive.
LOl Sherri, aside from the fact that our names are a little similar, mine is Shereen. We both have four children, and both had some wheat berry sprouts growing from our bathrooms, my youngest of four children, like yours lost his front teeth as well. I know it stinks, but I'm happy you were able to save the money.
My 7 1/2 year old has been without his two front teeth for nearly a year. Came out the "normal" way, though--a little loose and then vigorous wiggling. I don't know how he has eaten corn on the cob or apples or. . . Just this week one is starting to poke through.

I bet you're going to have some great baby/toddler/preschool pics with those two teeth missing. *grin*
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