Thursday, April 20, 2006


Why do I waste my time...

worrying about God's provision? As stated in my last post, He already promised to provide for our needs if we seek first His kingdom. And as we face another week of umemployment, I logged into our online banking account (sometimes I do love technology; this is one of those times) and realized our bills are paid, we're not starving (not even close), and we even have a little extra to give to others as the Spirit prompts. Now isn't God kind? Although He hasn't brought in that "FANTASTIC JOB OFFER" everyone waits around for, He has provided work. Did I mention Rob is tremendously talented in many areas? His parents were wise in that way. So, someone needs computer work done? They call Rob (generally). Someone need cabinet doors mounted? They call Rob. Someone need phones installed? They (really should) call Rob.

So join with me in rejoicing in our great God. He truly has supplied all our needs. Why waste precious time wondering if He will continue to do so?

You've got my God for providing BEFORE you see it!! Thanks. I am rejoicing with you!!!
My husband is unemployed-3rd time in 20 months.God does supply our needs-thanks for your post.
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