Wednesday, March 08, 2006


You put the lime in the coconut...

Okay, REALLY!! Has anyone ever tried that? Come to think of it, it does sound like it might taste good. But I digress...I'm actually posting today to extol the virtues of something I've discovered (drumroll please)-- Coconut Oil. Now, I know what y'all are thinking..."Is she gonna try to become a cooking/baking/cleanining tips kind of gal?" And the answer is "NO." Not because I don't enjoy those blogs; I do. There are just so many others who are already doing them- quite well, I might add.

But back to coconut is fantastic!! I have been baking bread for about 7 years now. Actually my mother-in-law gave me a Whisper Mill about 8 years ago, but I really didn't know what to do with it until a year or so later. Traditionally, I use olive oil for the oil/fat portion. And I do love olive oil, but for some reason, it has shot up in price around here. I was reading Stephanie's blog and she talks about coconut oil in a couple of her posts. Sorry, I'm not technologically proficient enough to actually link y'all to that particular post! She recommended using coconut oil in place of olive oil in baking bread. I did this and the results were muy fabuloso!!

Any more great ideas for using coconut oil? Other than mixing it with lime...

I myself just started using coconut oil. I was using olive oil when cooking but I read somewhere that the olive oil does not retain its nutritional value when heated and..... coconut oil does!!! I basically use it in everything that I would use oil normally, sauteing, frying, ect. It works awesome!!!
I hope you know that coconut oil, while being cheaper than olive oil, is really a BAD oil to use. It's one of the oils that raise bad cholesterol and clogs arteries..just thought I would point that out.
So when youuse the coconut in your bread it doesn't taste....well, coconuty?
So when youuse the coconut in your bread it doesn't taste....well, coconuty?
To Anonymous: actually, it was previously thought a bad oil, but the newest research indicates that it is, in fact, great for your health.

To Amie: No, it doesn't taste like coconut. Funny, huh? I would have thought so too!
Coconut oil is also great for hair. Just a couple small drops rubbed on the palms of your hands and then smoothed through your hair helps add moisture and shine. I've known a few ladies who use the kind for cooking with great results.
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