Monday, March 06, 2006


Hey la! Hey la! My boyfriend's back...

G'day ladies! Hope your weekend was wonderful. Mine was; I got my husband back. Okay- clarification: I didn't lose him nor send him away. He has been on business trips for the past two weeks (not continually) and he arrived home FOR GOOD on Saturday (I capitalize that so in case Rob's boss stumbles upon this site he will get the hint!!!).

Do any of your husbands have to travel with their jobs? I would be interested to know what that is like for other wives and mothers. Sometimes things go great, without a hitch; other times, well, let's just say that the song in the title of this post is completely appropriate!!! I just love it when Rob slips into the whole "She-was-my-wife-before-she-was-your-mother-and-you-may-not-mistreat-MY WIFE" cleanup process. Not to paint an inaccurate picture of my childrens' behavior though. Generally speaking, my boys step up to the plate to be "the men of the house" and my daughter is extra helpful. However, I have one child- whom I won't mention, but his name starts with "Kirk"- who has built in "daddy isn't home" radar and slips into bed with me at precisely 3:17 am when Rob is gone. SO SWEET!!! Who could resist that?

And while I'm garnering advice from y'all, how about this one: How on earth am I supposed to buckle down and do schooling with the kiddos when the expected high this week is 80 degrees? I can definitely see many insect-hunting, flower/weed gathering, fossil-searching expeditions!! Forget that we aren't even studying any of those things right now!!! But hey! If my friend can have her kids do a life-skills unit on "home renovation" (stripping bathroom wallpaper and pulling up flooring), then we can certainly explore the great outdoors!! Great idea, Andrea!

*Quick note* In light of the recent post at Mrs. Happy Housewife on apostrophe misuse, just let me say in defense of the post's title that 1. It should be read as a contraction (boyfriend is) and 2. It IS the title of a song...

Enjoy this gorgeous week to come- if you live in Georgia and other temperate places. And to my friends in Michigan: keep shoveling!!

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog....isn't Sallie great!

I am really excited about the weather in GA too, been hanging out clothes, YEA! I would say have an unschooling week, but I am just one of those unschooling types. How old are your children? You can send them to my house for a life skills unit on "home renovation" if you want.

Well enjoy the weather, Blessings, Amie
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