Wednesday, March 01, 2006


A blogger no more....

This is the question I've been pondering for the last few days. My heart has been immeasurably saddened over witnessing what I will call a "Blog-drama" on some of the weblogs, two in particular. I am not a party directly involved with either of these two women, and to put forth names and specific details would be gossip, plain and simple. But I have seen gossip disguised as "just pointing out the truth" and "defending myself against her attacks," etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. At one point I was so upset over the hermeneutical twisting of Matthew 18 in order to justify gossip that I had to go to my husband and say, "What in the world is going on here?"

Thank God for the wisdom and protection of my husband. (Now is a great time to direct y'all to Crystal's blog and to her article regarding "Why women need protectors") He reminded me that one danger of having a blog and a large readership is the potential for pride to move in and take up residence without even realizing his presence. As the Purtian Richard Baxter once said, "Pride is the disease that leaves you thinking you have NO disease at all." No, I am not pointing out my finger in accusation toward these women. This is an exhortation to me as well (though I don't have a large readership!!)

So here is my dilemma: If this blog-thing isn't used for encouraging, exhorting, and lifting up the name of Christ, why blog at all? Shouldn't there be an inherently DIFFERENT tone to the blogs that are "Christian"? Shouldn't lost people who providentially "stumble" onto our sites be refreshed by an altogether pleasant aroma of the beauty of our Savior? And lastly, even in this age of cyberspace and mega-technology, God's plan for resolving conflict between and among believers does not change. God is never pleased with dissension and pride-infused arguments. Let's get back to being salt and light; not just another group of people known by infighting and unloving hearts.

Babe, thanks for this post. The nature and tone is God-glorifying. I'd suggest you edit the post to include a footnote of sorts, or perhaps another post altogether on your discernments regarding the twisting of Matthew 18 as it relates to the blogosphere.

Love you and miss you!
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