Friday, March 10, 2006


Blessed be Your name...

This is not a funny post, but definately a thankful one. Yesterday afternoon my youngest child, Kirk, was playing with his siblings and a neighborhood friend outside. My oldest child, Harrison, came bursting in the house calling for me and Rob (we were on opposite ends). He said that Kirk fell and couldn't talk. Well, he had fallen. Hard. Onto the concrete driveway. Head first. OFF THE TOP OF OUR MINIVAN. Yes, apparently he climbed up onto the top of the van- not the hood, the roof- to get away from our very large puppy, Jack, who was chasing him. Kirk tripped over the roof rack and fell straight down. When we got to his side he was moaning but not responding to us. His eyes were rolled back off to the right and he couldn't focus or make eye contact. Rob immediately scooped him up and said, "I'm taking him to the ER." And then proceeded to hop into the van with Kirk on his lap and drove away. *Please, no comments as to the unsafe transport to the hospital. This obviously is not a normal circumstance and we would never have done this otherwise*

I ushered the children into the house, and amid floods of tears, prayed with them for their baby brother. Then I called Karen from church to come stay with them while I went to the ER. Not only did she come right over, but sent her husband and another church friend over on their way home from work!! So I confidently left Harrison, Eli and Sophia in the capable, praying, Godly hands of those three adults.

The whole way to the hospital I was just crying out to God to spare my baby boy. The abrasions on his face and body testified to how hard he actually fell. When I rushed into the ER exam room I saw his little 3-year old body lying on a bed with a C-collar attached to his neck. I know parents should try to "hold it together" so the child doesn't get upset, but that is way easier said than done. Rob told me that Kirk began to vomit on the way to the hospital and continued to do so in the ER triage- probably why he got put in a room so quickly.

Our pastor, Paul, came into the room very shortly after I arrived and let us know that many people were, at that very moment, praying to God for Kirk's life and health. Kirk was then wheeled off to have x-rays and a CT scan with me beside him- after I assured hospital personnel that there was no chance I could be pregnant. What happened over the next hour can only be described as God's hand restoring my son to health. First, his color gradually came back. Then, he sat up and asked, "Can you please take this 'fing' off my neck? It itches me!" The doc and nurses were all amazed at the rapid transformation in him. Kirk was wheeled back into the exam room to find Scott, our care group leader, in the room as well. Let me say that the 4 adults had some sweet time of prayer for our son, and I am so glad that Kirk was aware that we were clinging to God at that time.

After several hours, he was pronounced "fine" and we were able to go home. Upon entering the door of the house Kirk immediately burst out with, "Hey guys! Guess what? God healed me!!!" We witnessed an outpouring of affection onto him from his siblings. They were crying, laughing and hugging him, all at the same time.

Rejoice with us as we are thanking God today for our precious son who,upon waking, asked for pizza for breakfast! Guess what he got?! Yep! Deep dish cheese from Dominos!

Wow, I am so thankful that your son is o.k. God is soo good. How cute that he wanted pizza for breakfast : )

Praise to the Lord! What an awesome real-life story. I told my family about it, and we are all glad to know that your son came back to normal so quickly.
~ Kate (online friend of the praying Smith family!)
Praise to the Lord! What an awesome real-life story. I told my family and they were all glad to hear things turned out so well.
~ Kate (online friend of the praying Smith family!)
Dear Sherri,
How AMAZING!!!! Our God is an AWESOME God! And how cool is it that Kirk would say "God healed me!" What a testimony! Things like that just take our theology right off of those pages and into real life.
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