Tuesday, February 14, 2006


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Following is a tribute- not exhaustive or in any particular order- to the man I love best (yes, there are other men I love; my dad, for instance, and our 3 "future men"). Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart!!

Warning: this post is filled with sappy, mushy overtones and is not for the jaded reader!

1. You are so creative in your expressions of love for me
2. in words, gifts, and actions.
3. "Romance" is not a sissified word to you;
4. in fact, it only enhances your manliness!
5. You look great bald!
6. You look great in jeans!
7. You gave me our children.
8. You love our children.
9. You play with our children.
10. You work tirelessly to provide for our family.
11. You are sensitive toward me if I am a bit "moody,"
12. and gently encourage me not to stay that way.
13. You are unselfish with our resources,
14. and lavishly give to others.
15. You pursue holiness with passion and zeal.
16. You sacrifice for our family.
17. You lead us in godliness,
18. even when it is not popular with others.
19. You love me as Christ loves His church.
20. You are going to watch the children this afternoon
21. so I can prepare for our Valentine's party tonight!!

Ha! A little creative subliminal messaging never hurt anyone!!

I love you honey. Happy Valentine's Day!

What a great list!

Saw your comment on DYM.
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