Tuesday, January 17, 2006



I know you've all been there: Feeling like everything is under control; housework going smoothly; schoolwork on task; meals cooked well; clean underwear for all- then BAM!! All of a sudden, you realize, "I'm relying on myself and not GOD to provide." Is it just me? For instance, yesterday I became irritated with my 3 year old for pretty much acting like a 3 year old! I do believe there is a difference between childishness and foolishness. So what was my uber-Godly response? Why, yelling like a fishwife, of course!! After, in my post-fishwifery reflection, I was convicted on about, say, 37 different levels. I had not been Christ-like in my response to Kirk; there was no gentleness, no patience, no self-control and no goodness.

Enter the Cross and the grace of God... which says, "My Son paid for that sin. Run to the cross. There is forgiveness for you." This allowed me to take hold of that forgiveness and apply God's grace. I could then ask Kirk's forgiveness and experience that sweet feeling of a restored relationship.

But did I learn my lesson? No! When Rob came home and updated me on his work day, I became discouraged along with him because of his seeming lack of success lately (he works in sales- 'nuff said). Here was a primo opportunity for me to step up to the plate in that biblical helpmeet sort of way to encourage him with scripture and the promise of God's provision for us. What did I do? I added to him the weight of my despair. It ain't a pretty picture, gals. When we begin to live in our own strength and rely on self, we not only succumb to pride (that sneaky, subtle trickster), but we completely ignore the grace that is there for us. Oh, isn't is just better to put on humility and say, "God, I can't do this on my own. Please help me to rely only on Your power today"?

Just a side-note here- I am thankful for the encouraging comments some of you have left here. Please let me know how I can encourage you all in turn.

factoid (noun) a trivial or useless fact or statistic

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